Etscheid Duttlinger & Associates provides the following types of surveys for all their clients.

As–Built Survey
A survey performed to obtain horizontal and vertical dimensional data so that constructed improvements may be located and delineated.

Boundary Survey
A survey, the primary purpose of which is to document the perimeters, or any one of them, of a parcel or tract of land by establishing corners, monuments, and boundary lines for the purposes of describing the parcel, locating fixed improvements on the parcel, dividing the parcel, or platting.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey
An ALTA/ACSM land title survey is a specialized survey that meets the specific needs peculiar to title insurance purposes, to enable title insurance companies to insure title land without exceptions as to survery mattters.

Stake–Out Spot Survey
The measurements made, prior to or, while construction is in progress, to control elevation, configuration, and horizontal position and dimensions.

Hydrographic Survey

A survey having its principal purpose the determination of data relating to bodies of water, and which may consist of the determination of one or several of the following classes of data: depth of water and configuration of bottom; directions and force of current; heights and times of water stages; and location of fixed objects in the survey and navigation purposes.

Topographic Survey
A survey of selected natural and artificial features of a part of the earth’s surface to determine horizontal and vertical spatial relations.

Quantity Survey
A survey to obtain the measurements of quantity.

Special Purpose Survey
A survey performed for a purpose other than the purpose detailed in the other types of surveys listed here.
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