City of Ottawa, Green Street Elevation Project

The Work generally includes the installation of three 8’ by 12’ precast box culverts, roadway construction approximately 12’ above existing grade, furnished excavation, installation of water main and storm sewer, and related appurtenances.

Bid Opening: 10:00 am on Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

Village of Malden, New Wastewater Treatment Plant

The project generally includes the construction of a new Algaewheel Wastewater Treatment Plant including an Algaewheel greenhouse type treatment building, buried treatment equipment tankage and associated connecting underground piping and valves, a water supply well and associated appurtenances, demolition of the existing wastewater treatment plant, and restoration.

Bid Opening: 10:00 am on Thursday, June 22, 2023.

City of Marseilles, Bratton Avenue Pressure Service Sewer

The project consists of the construction of 314 feet of 2” pressure service sewer along with two (2) sanitary service sewer cleanouts, 1½” pressure service sewers at four (4) locations including ball valves, valve boxes, and related miscellaneous work as shown on the project plans and described in the specifications. The Contractor may utilize either the open cut method of installation or the directionally drilled method of installation or both. The City will award the bid to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder of the method considered in the best interest of the City.

Bid Opening: 10:30 am on March 29, 2023.